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Now just for info, this game DOES NOT has any kind of sexual content?
i wanna prank a friend with this until he threats to call 911


is there any lewd content or just a troll game


6000 for FBI open door 🥲



The ending wont work for some reason, anyone know why?

Hóng phiên bản Android


I can't play the game but I was just interested in protecting someone from something (I thought like killing Pedos and such) but from the comments I hear it's a good game! Can't wait to play it someday!


i need android





Will this even be for Android? Because I see it is for mobile

Oh wait it says mack nvm so will it be for mobile?


Is this the FBI agent trying to catch the pedo's by creating a game lol but all and all good game 


lolicon isnt pedophilia duh


“lolicon” and “pedophile” are direct translations.


so is shotacon


They actually aren't.. Lolicon is a combinations of two words put together, Lolita Complex, like shotacon is a combination of words put together. The translation is a localization of what westerners feel the words translates to, which isn't agreed to in the first place.  


cope harder pedo


10 out of 10 game pretty fun 


Child porn bait


wait do you mean you expected child porn bro wtf go get some help you really need a terapy


it's a zombie shooter game, what the hell do you mean?


can i shoot the loli

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alr ive beaten the game. so here are some tips. first thing, there are no NSFW scenes right in the get go, and buying the  Lewd Loli stuff and pressing the video just gives u the FBI. but there IS a NSFW. if you buy all the lewd loli stuff and get to the end, then youll get a NSFW with a grown up version of the girl. no other requirements for getting the scene, no clothing, no guns. just get all3 lewd loli stuff and reaching day 7

for beating the game itself, in the beginning just stick with shotgun, and just spend alot of money on ammo, but if you have enough to buy a lewd loli thing, do it,  just get it out of the way.  shotgun is the best and handles the lvls pretty well on its own. but still buy the minigun (its the last gun), because for me, i used it alot on day 7, and it really helped

also COMPLETELY unrelated to the tips. devs, plz make an endless mode. because this game is really fun as just a zombie shooter


its a april fools game, they wont update this game( hopefully NOT abandon this gem)

Another thing is that the number of entries you can have on screen has a cap, meaning that you can just run in circles around them and they cant do squat.

I'm obviously low on ammo


Turns out the loli scenes likely don't exist in the game files, only the thumbnails does. Judging by the fact the images or videos can't be found elsewhere, it's safe to assume they are on the creators pc or even deleted to not give into the temptation of sharing them. So i guess that's it. Could be gone forever and unless anyone has access to the creators pc, it will remain that way, which is, to say the least, quite disappointing


behind the blurred image, the lewds exist...

they exist




Where android

omg woow ommmg wowow plz pls DooO android the best yes oh kangz oh oh greater in the world plz do Android


is this a cute game?

como libera as outras duas?

I'm Entering Guardian Mode In This Game


Cute girl. Fun gameplay.

But there's too much grind to unlock everything.

It'd be better if you kept your money, ammo, and weapon unlocks when continuing after day 7.

As is, after the swimsuits, you have to go through the whole week just for one costume.


This game is amazing, not because of the sex part but because you get to shoot endless amounts of zombies while protecting a little girl.

i dont like that you can't aim or fire while walking, others didn't seem to point it out, so maybe im too stupid to see patterns

I want a naughty picture of FBIchan


same bro


me too, I think




How to say it.......



There is an NSFW scene, but no Loli NSFW. If you go in, expecting Loli Content, be warned.


good thing there isint a loli nsfw scene


Let's be real here. If you click on this game, chances are you are expecting loli content. xD


Not really the title says it all


Not quite. It is tagged as having NSFW content, so one expects NSFW content. It isn't clear what the (April Fools) in the title refers to. Some part of the game is a joke, but it still has NSFW content, otherwise the tagging would be plain out wrong. I doubt that everyone will deduce that the NSFW content is about an aged-up version of the loli, so it is fair enough to point it out so that people won't waste their time on something they might not enjoy as much in the end.


as i said not really a rick roll or a joke was what i was meaning i never said anything about it not have nsfw content



Unbased opinion. need lewds


well if there was then that would be considered cp and would be illegal.


yeah. it could be avoided by just saying shes actual 18yr old migdet lul.


incorrect check out this law

 US Code title 18 part I chapter 110 section 2256 subsection 11.


yeah loli hentai no matter what wheter you say there actually just 18 or there 9000 years old or the pedophile option its illegal in the usa


yeah loli hentai no matter what wheter you say there actually just 18 or there 9000 years old or the pedophile option its illegal in the usa


under us law btw so if you live somewhere else it could be different 

whats the scene 

The unlockable scene is a scene with the loli all grown up in a bed. I think missionary was the sex position.

oh damn and how long does it take to get there 

buy all 3 lewd costumes then beat the game so about 30 minuets if your good at the game or 4 hours if bad at it

30 minutes is an overstatement, I'm sure it took me less (or I was having too  much fun to notice) just buy the shotgun and spam, I even challenged myself and didn't buy and guns after beating the game.

don't buy the minigun it suck

Got tricked but It was good, loli or not is fine too 😤👌
I enjoyed it 


Is there gonna be mobile version?


I hope so

hmm yes dead rising


Why yes, I do think just because it's a zombie apocalypse that I can lewd a loli! That's... why I'm here! In all seriousness, fun little game, the panda outfit is my favorite one


A nice take on the "Zombie Waves" gameplay. Nothing to advanced, but what makes the game really cool is that you have to protect the girl, which is much slower than the player. 
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I also get the white screen at the second part of the ending and i dont think i have a bad pc i mean an i7 870 a r7 370 2gb vram and 8gb of ram isn't that bad of a pc so ye idk what to say.  Help. The normal pc version seems to work altho i have a 64x operating sistem

This is my "ole reliable": 

UserBenchmarks: Game 8%, Desk 51%, Work 6%

CPU: AMD A8-5500 APU - 47.5%

GPU: Nvidia Quadro P620 - 17.4%

SSD: Adata SU630 240GB - 19.6%

HDD: WD WD1001FAES-60Z2A0 1TB - 66.7%

RAM: Unknown F3-12800CL8-4GBXM F3-12800CL8-4GBXM Hynix HMT451U6AFR8A-PB Hynix HMT451U6AFR8A-PB 16GB - 28.1%

MBD: HP 500-054

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all you need to buy is the shotgun but when it is day 7 buy the AR

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well i got all of  the lewd scenes got the cat ears beat the game now i see why its made by hotpink


Me: well I've run out of ammo, this is it

time: 00:00:00

me: yeah!

game: you win

me: WOO!


i thought.... at least the bonus scene would be filled with :sob: moment....

oh well, the bunny suit and swimsuit is good enough



You are the cum lord my friend

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