Bug Fixes for Protecc!

Hey Cuties! 

Hope you've been enjoying the game, but if you HAVEN'T we got some quick bug fixes for you. 

THE BIG ONE is that if you were having the white screen for the secret scene, use the PC 1.0.2 (NOT the 64 bit) and it should work now! 😋If it still DOESN'T then come talk to me alone and we will figure it out 😉

Also the screen size reseting should be fixed now too so hope that doesn't bug you any more. 

Any other bugs you are see? Let us know!! 

Happy hunting, 

 - <3 Maintenance  


Protecc Your Loli - PC 64bit 1.0.2 152 MB
53 days ago
Protecc Your Loli - PC 1.0.2 149 MB
53 days ago
Protecc Your Loli - Mac 1.0.2 152 MB
53 days ago

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Gameplay is pretty awesome!


Didn't see any bugs while I was playing it