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From the first part, I hope the author can stick to it! Thank you!

is there gonna be more to vel?

idk but i want more I dont like how it was left off i want more



Says the "build is undefined" on windows, can't download even from the alternate link posted. 


*Judgement Cut end*


I am the storm that is approaching..






I am reclaimer of my name


Born in flames, I have been blessed



老色批在此(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜













What's the differences between and ? I want to download but didn't know which one

(+7)(-1) is the normal build with her normal clothes, is the one with her in a swimsuit hence the name having "swim" in it. hope this helps <3


can't install from client, build is undefined.

is this game already completed? haven't played it but in the dev log it says that its the final update



Actually i really like the story i like more!!

This so good i didn't sleep i was so happy of the story


Kamuo will be a legend in our heart


sad that the old voice actress isn't available anymore


This game is amazing,As a Chinese player,I am very much looking forward to his Chinese


Whens the next update gonna drop? Also great game but you should make the uncensored versions available to everyone🙂


or, get this, you could become a patreon if you want the perk. a lot of work goes into these and having the censored version free is honestly a blessing


just asking are vel gonna get more story or just sex material?


when's the next update?


This made me cum a lot, needed to use 3 tissues instead of 1..

Deleted 1 year ago



The Artwork, The Character, BOOBIES and BUSSUMS !!! 


Damn right it is

Amigo si es cierto que tienes las traducciones recomendaría que te comuniques con kamu en su discord o patreon donde si es seguro que te puedas contactar con el.


gracias amigo

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Hi Kamou, my message is because I have the Vel games translated into Spanish, I wanted to know how to pass them to you so you could review it, I love the story and everything, I would love that people from other languages enjoy this beautiful work of art....

I added the English and Spanish options in the options section.

Para las personas que quieren este juego en Español, por favor vean este video de como hacerlo, en la descripción  del video están los archivos necesarios.


Por favor pásalo a español

Please turn it to spanish

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Any reason why most of the vn is just a black screen? happens on all of your vns

I have no idea where to download it 

As a Chinese player how can this game be more 

Thank you for your game,I hope that there will be Chinese in the future


I can't download the Android version, it simply says "app not instaled"



i dont understand what the files are for

I love it!

it says it cannot read the build properly,can someone tell me how to solve this ?

Hello, I have a problem, I have tried to download the PC version but when I download it and go to run it directly it does not open, I looked at the files and there is nothing but a song, what do I do to fix it?

There's only one application to play the game. The game files are hidden. 
Can't think of why it won't open for you aside from your antivirus blocking it.

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It works, thank you very much

Icono de Validado por la comunidad


This game cured my depression, I approve

Lmao it did for me too

each time I try to download it it just show up as nots and that  it 

Why i cant play this game ? :V i use every name cant play this game why ?


Can't play it? What exactly is happening?




why is there a censored version?

I have a problem installing this on the android as your other game "The Grim Reaper Who Reaped My Heart" has the same name installed game name "Vel" and it'll overwrite the data, while failing to launch. But the PC version worked fine, sweet work of art!


I'm having the same overwriting issue, even tho I've already changed the directory name in the code. I was able to change it to VelTitfuck on my end, so I'm not sure why it won't do that for others.

As per failing to launch, there's a drive link on the install instructions for other apk versions.

Short and sweet, good job! =)



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