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It's one of the best games I played , suddenly it's no longer updated . Kamuo if you read this keep going you making really good work . You are one of the best artist .❤️


some one know how to go the deca route?

Vale plata 0 de 10

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si lo puedes descargar sin tener que pagar nada


Good game but needs more stuff in it

Cant download the download stops half way 

how do i download the game

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Hola kamuo, feliz navidad siendo sincero tu juego es uno de los más lindos visualmente en especial la historia ❤️ se te quiere mucho y lo menos importante soy un gran fan tuyo cumple tus metas y sigue dándonos sonrisas con nuevos proyectos yo te espero el tiempo que sea necesario

¡AMIGO!  <3 


Hello kamuo i hope you really bring an update to this awesome VN cause i really love the game, not just because of the NSFW but the STORY itself.It got me so curious on who created the PROTAGONIST since he doesn't have any memories and that brings alot of questions for us who played the game like, who created the MC?, What's the real purpose on why did that Grim Reaper create him?,Who is the strongest Grim reaper? and alot more.So.i hope you really continue with this masterpiece cause we love the game and like i said NOT because of NSFW content but because of the STORY itself and its just sad to see the games that we love just die y'know...So i hope you can consider my request and i know im being selfish but i really hope you can consider my request

Sincerely: Your Biggest Fan


Hey, we enjoy your games, but could you assign operating systems to them?

When we go to download your games using the itch desktop client, we are unable to, since the client only allows the downloading of executables for the operating system it's running on, and doesn't find any.

This is how the 'pc' version should be flagged when it comes to operating systems if you want the Windows itch desktop client to be able to download it (for execuatables);

Of course, whether you change it or not is up to you.
We just didn't know if you were aware.


After playing all of the games this one is my favorite and I am hopeful it will get expanded upon in the future. I played this, not the the h scenes, but to see the story become expanded upon!!!

Someone showed me how to play, I played until Suisui and it clicked for me, is there any way to pass the level??

I think this game is in demo I think, after you fuck neu the game ends, have you played "grim reaper who reaped my heart"? that game is the Prequel to this one

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How do i fuck neu???

you dont :( hasnt been updated in a year

well not really FUCK her but you take it between the thighs..if that still counts it’s at the end of the game


I just got a deca jumpscare just by forcing myself to press the choices, best THING YET >:DD

you know how to go the deca route?

it was a cute game, I didn't exactly think it was gonna be short, I thought I was gonna use the save file. but that aside the little animations were adorable. I was not expecting for there to be a fourth wall breaker with Deca that kind of took me off guard. and even with the censored-ish, the game was still really cute, I give it a good 5 of 5  

hey look its my comment!! I just finished playing Grim reaper who reaped my heart, this game I think comes after that one but I played this one before I played that one. ANYWAY this is the sequel to that game. think and where you meet Sui and the person you play as which I dont know if he's the same guy from the last game or if he's a different guy but ik he loses his memory so if he is the same guy does Vel just forget about him or liek what happens maaannn?


I'm so upset that this is no longer in development. I enjoy Kamuo's work so much - not just the lewd scenes but also the quality of the drawings, animation and the STORY. I was surprised at how much I wanted to know more of the story but now... :'( I'm guessing with something like this, we'll never see how things play out in this world, and it was just a stepping stone for some (very good) animations and a story that had so much potential but never got fully realized...

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Good game, the story is good, leaving aside the h scenes.

Guys, can I ask a question?

Does the censored version have those scene or it’s just talking since I can’t really see any thing happen apart from autoclicking the answer


damn this is actually pog
needs a discord server 


Sex aside, Characters are really cute, Love how one character decides to break the fourth wall. Love how her and both Neu gaslights Susui 
Can imagine this game turning into a full romance game with your OCs 

I last one I hang out with is susui it says that I have to wait for the next update

he gotta add a Sui sex scene

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just downloading the game, I expect a good result. I would really like to pay at least a dollar for it, but unfortunately I don't have any money right now, but soon I will definitely come back here and pay. I hope the author doesn't mind that I'm from Russia. Thank you so much for your games. Now I am writing having already gone through the entire plot available at the time of 09/22/2023. And I'm very impressed. Not many games have drawn me so much. When talking to Deku, I noticed that I like this game and without 18+ scenes, they are rather a nice bonus. I really hope that the author likes to do his own project and am really looking forward to continuing, if possible, I will financially support the developer. Thank you for your game

For first, Russian Federation*

for second , no one knew until you said it

for third, he doesn't  read comments,  especially from trash like you.

Your soldiers killing my people and you sit here and jerking off? Typical russian терпила, or better Z-patriot

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wc国人 🤣



A little bummed that there was no lewd scene for Deca, but I look forward to whenever this game gets an update

Hello guys, i have play this game recently and i found this fun and interesting. Then  I read some of comment says theres 4 end but  i don't  get the lafi rafi end . I think i missed something but idonno what . Could please someone tell me what should i do to get lafi rafi end i so confused . Please 

Deleted 54 days ago

thx bro, i appreciate it  .   I'll try

I like your game!

This looks very interesting!

i just finished this game in all its routes and i can say that it is the best i have ever played, i loved its story and its characters, and reading what the creator says is ok if you are not convinced, but i must say i really enjoyed playing it, thanks for everything


love the crossover with velswimc absolutely perfect stoped playing just to comment lol

the most beautiful art in a game

Deleted post

Game is good,the story is very interesting

Keep it up👍


i like how you charge for the uncensored versions on patreon instead of a full game, ur the best


Wow complaining about someone trying to monetize stuff they put effort into, ur the bes


huh? I wasnt complaining it was a compliment. most people charge for the full game on patreon and i just like how she charges for uncensored versions on there

yeah ikr


And I still don't understand if there are hentai scenes in this version or not, I just didn't get to them, I just got to the end when my head is spinning

When is the next update coming out? I really want a deca scene. Please tell me when the next update is coming.


the game is on hiatus

any exact date when it'll be done



the lewd scene are getting buggy with the sounds can you please fix it

they wont get fixed anytime soon the game is being redone

Really? Wow



Bing chilling




still on hiatus? Its been 7 months waiting an update hehe.


bro u still waiting ?

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