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You woke up with no memory intact and greeted by two girls claiming they're Grim Reapers. What's more, they tell you you're currently in their world and you're no longer human.

This game would effectively be on hiatus.

I'm not actually happy with how it's turning out, so I will be redoing the game.  I would still be working on the game, but I don't want to have the pressure of people asking me when the update is coming out.  

You can read more on the devlog.


Uncensored version and more available on my patreon.



Story & Art by: Kamuo

Music from: 



StatusOn hold
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(346 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Erotic, NSFW
Average sessionA few minutes


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AGRSS Android Build 0.1.7 416 MB
AGRSSCensored-0.1.7-mac.zip 396 MB
AGRSSCensored-0.1.7-pc.zip 431 MB

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who is the protagonist, for now I'm just going to assume it's a generic white guy, can anyone clarify if I'm right or wrong.

when will there be more i have already did both games as much as i can, when


To be honest, if I were a developer of this VN, I would do the same thing and start redoing everything from the code itself: while the use of imagemap: function in some places looks appropriate, a bunch of "entities" in the form of the Character function instead of the, like, 5-6 usages of DynamicCharacter function doesn't look serious.

But apart from that, I believe that "remake" of this VN will come out when its ready for it. Don't overwork yourself because of this project, otherwise you'll definitely break your mental health. 🤝


I beg for a susui romance option, just an ending with her where she doesnt transform




It says to me that the game contains viruse

It is really contain virus


can you tell me how many different endings there are for this game. personally I found three: the first with Neu the second with Lafi and Rafi and the third with Susui. are there any others?

late response but you can get a handy from the doctor

How can I see that ending?


I think you've just gotta choose to stay with her longer on the 2nd visit (after the part where you collapse, which is kind of like where the "common" route ends and picking a route starts). There are 4 h-scenes for now, and only the redhead twins require you to "decline" or be negative towards every other girl (and positive every time toward them) to get their scene.



Hi, I paid the $5 on patreon to get the uncensored vers of the game. I want to download the game but idk where to find the link. I have proof for paying $5

Yo, the link is the the rewards tab on pc, it's under AGRSS final build


The Patreon Payment is not working 4 me... Could you upload the uncensored vers. here aswell please? Idc if it's 10 or 20$... Just not Patreon pls, it does not accept my damn turiksch credit card -.-


Hey i just wanted to ask if you could keep the girls in the reworked version youre doing theyre the best so pls keep them keep up the work👍

godlike game btw

Hey fellas can u guys help me? Im stuck in me and neu leaving from the beggining because when i click "Were going" Sui will just keep asking the same question over and over again. What should i do? 


Is there a part when you do it with deca? Because I can't find it

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Nope, not yet, unfortunately. Honestly was put off by her the first time through, but found myself really wishing I could after that. :( I think all the other girls (other than the robot) have a scene.

Edit: white-haired girl doesn't have a scene either.

why does the game stop after every s** scene. ...to be continued.

becuz its not fully done yet. The creator will be adding more stuff


Tbh, i haven't played it yet. As before the hiatus, i had a shitty pc that think Notepad too much to run. Now i have a significantly better pc, and it is on hiatus.  I hoped to see this game have more updates. Its about 40 days (at the time of this post) into the hiatus. I really wish to know if / when this project returns to development. It looks great and the girls look cute and adorable and I wanna hug them!


Sad to see it's on hiatus I just want see more Neu :(


dont worry we just have to be patience


Yes Deca, I do actually care more about the story than the lewd scenes.


I think both a good story and sex scenes are very important. But I think the most important thing is that the girls are cute!


lol yes it is :D


Please can anybody tell me how to update all lewd scenes?


While it's a bummer we won't be seeing any updates for a while, you are amazing at animation so I hope you're able to get it to where you want it soon!


Mad respect to you for making an actualy good story and not just a sex simulator. I really hope you will continue the story or make another game in this reaper world.

Understandable, Great work!!!

i noticed that on the susie route when shes being teased by neu and deca,
if you click these options - 'try to stop them' and 'of course not'

you get a quick timed option thing that says 'i'd love to' or 'of course not'.

after trying a while i managed to click one of these options and an image popped up. i cant get a screenshot of it but if anyone else can that would be appriciated

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yeah I saw it too and got a screenshot this is it

theres also another if u click another option after it gives you those ones they say "Absolutely." and "No, I don't." and the pic is the same but glitchy and makes a noise whilst also stopping the music I've got a small clip of it here 


Спасибо ограомное за серию этих игр хоть и немного но очень приятно поиграть в такой шедевр


anyone else just unable to get any further than rafi and lafi's date?

Thanks for updating! l and the hard work, I've read some other comments and I hope that everything is alright.

I haven't been in touch with you nor your games for months until yesterday.

Stay well, and again, thank you ^^


cant install game at all, either. When installing from itch app the log says "cant read property "build" of undefined".
oh well...

At the end I cried more then I wanked. Great game

great game <3


He is a good animator and i really like this game can you add none sex mode or something? Sometimes i just want to talk with them not just for lewd thing 💀

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for people that asking for added Vel to this vn, bro... are you joking? Even kamuo say that Vel didn't included in this vn. 

"Stop being blind people"


Good game, continue please

Come on give him some time


Update Never?


When is the next update?


Come on mannnnn


<trans data-src="你可以尝试学好英文,或者自己翻译" data-dst=" You can try to learn English well or translate by yourself" style="background: transparent;">你可以尝试学好英文,或者自己翻译</trans>


<trans data-src="你可以尝试学好英文,或者自己翻译" data-dst=" You can try to learn English well or translate by yourself" style="background: transparent;">你可以尝试学好英文,或者自己翻译</trans>

how  to get sui route? tnx


Don't flirt with twins,  dont try to screw Neu, and follow neu out of the doctors. lastly, Stay with sui and stay on her side when she gets teased.

thanks lad


Neu: flert
Human: also flert

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Is the Maid, Pari and the 4th wall breaking girl have an actual route ? Cuz it took me a while to get to the Doctor route and I thought she doesn't have a route

Nope. Neu, Mykka, Rafi & Lafi, and Susui are the only ones with routes at the moment

Deleted 165 days ago

Cant wait for the 4th wall breaking reaper gets a route


Yeah, that would be a novel storyline.

Fun game, great jokes, I look forward to an update.

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While waiting for the update, Recommend me some games with the same graphics with this one

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No games with this exact artstyle, but I have a couple of Porn game collections that you can look at and see if anything catches your eye.

God Tier - https://itch.io/c/2085693/god-tier-games

Every Porn Game I Regularly Play - https://itch.io/c/2027431/hentai-games



Yoo.. it's been a while, how's the update guys?

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