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You woke up with no memory intact and greeted by two girls claiming they're Grim Reapers. What's more, they tell you you're currently in their world and you're no longer human.

This is a nsfw visual novel I'm making to expand the lore of my grim reaper ocs. There's 6 reapers for you to choose who to spend time with.
Vel from my previous vn isn't included.

Music may be replaced in the future.


Uncensored version and more available on my patreon.



Story & Art by: Kamuo

Music from: 



StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Erotic, NSFW
Average sessionA few minutes


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AGRSS Android Build 0.1.7 416 MB
AGRSSCensored-0.1.7-mac.zip 396 MB
AGRSSCensored-0.1.7-pc.zip 431 MB

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Can u reduce the crashes i mean i can handle like a few not wverytime

it's your device's issue i have 0 problem

Do u plan ever on putting the uncensored versions on itch.io?

that's exclusive from his Patreon

Is it really to be continued? Cuz I'm stuck with Deca messing with the smol(?) girl and can't get past it. Also fuck her jumpscares. pls help i wanna progress.

you have to choose different choices through out the game or else you'll end uo there again

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I play in mobile ver and when the time comes for naming my char, it just freezes and i'm now stuck in the naming part. Dunno if its my phone though. But still very good game.

I think you supposed to click the text box and the name your character?

well there is no go or done button in my keyboard so it got stuck in my screen.

I think you'd better download a virtual keyboard app.


Guys, help, I'm Russian, I play, as you can see from the russifier, but there is a problem with these Russifiers, I have no sound and the game ends after meeting with Deka, what could be the problem?


First you need to kill putin  then it should work 


Lol can anyone smell something burning. Oh wait, it's just the heat of that response 😂

Anyone have a guide for all of the paths


lafi and rafi, flirt/side with them at every chance.

Neu, dont flirt with the twins.

Doctor lady, dont try to fuck neu when you wake up and stay to ask doc questions.

Top reaper, dont stay with the doc and dont tease her during the thing with deca


Guys, i'm a coward, what happens if you pick the top route quickly when deca and neu are bullying the other reaper? I got jumpscared by deca and refuse to play that route until i know what's gonna happen so please tell me


I got jumpscared twice lmaooo, that shit hilarious bro shoulda try it. Btw still waiting for Deca story arc 💀

Really enjoyed the game and storyline, can't wait to see future updates especially about Vel


Maybe gonna be cameo or something cuz her story has ended bro. Idk I'm just giving my thoughts about it

probably so but I'm still gonna be hopeful

Is there just 4 scenes right now? I think I've gotten all the scenes and then attempted going for Pari and desperately a bunch of side characters before finally giving into Deca (lol) and just figured out there are no scenes for any of them. So now I think I'm done until the next update. Unless I'm wrong.

How do you get the Deca lewd scene?

That's the thing, I don't think there is one (Yet). Right now, Rafi and Lafi, Susui, Mei, and Myka are the only ones with sex scenes (I believe).


Must be so. I have gotten all those as well. Now we wait.

When will be the next update?




how to i get the uncensored versions?, already unlocked the available lewd scened



Teach me how to update guys


Yeah, I still need to install another and delete the old one lol. Still had saves inside :(

This is actually a good sequel to the previous one, full support for the Devs!

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if vel was here and had an Hscene wouldnt it be considered Ntr?


well yeh, cause she and the other mc already have a thing for each other, the game might introduce her but there'll be no hscenes


I hope so id cry bruh


same man no NTR pls

My man tryna look into the future 🗿

a cameo from her would be nice tho.

What's the song when you wake up?

Can someone teach me how to update



Can you make less text and some more decisions or open world? Love this so far

wow what an awesome experience.  Hadn't been on in a while and wanted to play the Vel version until i saw this.  Cant wait for some more Nue content I loved her since the previous vn, all the other characters in this one are AMAZING too tho. awesome job. Also the dialogue with Deca caught me so off gaurd!

This game really got me going, one of the best and I'd pay for this. I have nothing to say but the usual things like: beautiful art, great animation, etc.

But if it could be more on the harem side, that'd be neat too :]

is this a harem game? or can you only be with certain people?


The latter.

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For some reason, I can't seem to go in LafiRafi route. I didn't flirt with Neu, but I still can't seem to make it to the route. Can you update the logs with non-spoilers guide? I gues that doesn't seem to make much sense, but I'd still like you to try.

Don't flirt with anyone else and favor Lafi and Rafi in choices that include them.


can't install from client, build is undefined.

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is the deca route in the game? i can't get it

still waiting 😭


ahh so Mc is the human Neu mentioned in the first game. I love this series so far keep up the good work!

Any chance we could buy the other versions without going to Patreon?


So will vel be an option? I played one of the other games and it seems like the player in that game is important to vel. So i wonder how that will play out.

use the ends of the legs of one of them

Deleted 49 days ago

Damn If only they have good soundtracks. but still... it is good.

How exactly do you evaluate character design? For you to say they're just fine.

Also the music are placeholders as mentioned on the description.


virgin spotted

What is the first song you hear in the game please it sounds so good, I sometimes open the game just to hear that song

(1 edit)

Anyone knows how to unlock the new lewd update? I'm stuck in myka's.           

Edit: I unlocked it (also, I'm seeing some deca images popping up idk if it's an Easter egg or not either way the images that pops up is hot) is the next update gonna be about deca? 

Also will you also do a hide button in your other games?

(1 edit) (+2)

this guy shouldn't be the guy at vel's vn right, i hope not cause if he is then I'll be heartbroken


No it's Not
This guy is mentioned in Vel's Vn by Neu

Ohhhh, right i remembered neu telling the guy that there was a person residing in their worldd, thanks for making me remember it

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Give me the deca route now or die ok


I have never seen a more blatant Arisaka Mashiro archetype in my life. I dig it


Just wanna say that I love your works,  the art and the animation is beautiful.and ngl i was actually enjoying the story lmao:v  

How do i trigger the lafi and rafi route? I play on Mobile.

Nvm i read the update

(1 edit)

Might be a stupid question but does the Lafi Rafi update include all the prior updates? (3-6th reaper and 1-3rd lewd updates). Also I can´t download the game from the itch app. Idk why so I have to download them from the browser. Lastly, I love the games and keep up the amazing work


Oh my god, I think I'm in love with Mykka


Finally 😳 btw the Android build censored? Should I buy it to uncensored

oh joyous day an update!!!

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