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Have fun and lewd times with your cute reaper.

Public build is 1 version behind of the latest.  Get the latest build with more positions on patreon.

Only available for pc and linux for now. 
Mac might be available in the future. We have no way of testing the build right now.

Android would be available in the future.

The game is still early in development. It would be easier to do an android build later when all mechanics are in the game.

Support the game on patreon.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(434 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Erotic, Hentai, Lewd, NSFW, pixels
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Cute_Reapers_in_my_Room_0.4.0_Linux.zip 38 MB
Cute_Reapers_in_my_Room_0.4.0_Win.zip 35 MB

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is there going to be a mac version?


is this dead




does that mean yes or no

im not even asking when the next update is coming


It means Yes.

how do you progress


compile the game into android for those wanting android version


can you share it? or I'll send you a private message 


can you share it to me please

Can i get it as well

Please share with me too

can i also get it please

why can’t I download the game, I click install and where the select button is there is nothing, that is, when I download another game where the select button is written there is a text where it will be installed. If anyone knows what it is, write what the problem is.

just run the .exe

I don’t know how to download the exe


how to download exe


will there be a mac version please if i may ask


use parallel windows on mac to run the game

not free though to pay for parralels, a mac version would be more convenient


for the love of god, stop asking for the android version, it doesn't do anything. give the author a break


This is the will of the people, you cannot silence democracy!


Do you think the author is blind or something? like jeez.

Almost all of the comments here are constantly asking for an android version and ON TOP OF THAT the author himself stated that he's going to eventually add a mobile version for the game.

If you take a few moments and actually read the description of the game, you will get your answer. "android would be available in the future".


When is the mobile version expected ?


All we want, is a android version


I hope there will be an Android version this Spring Festival.

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We need more story


Android version please !!




for real






will a Mac version be made would be very much appreciated


I'm with the others: AWESOME game but an Android Version would be so appreciated


Yeah I've been waiting for a while


Waiting for Android version.


Can you please add an android version


:( I can't even play the game. Everytime I open the file in the archive, there is just a popup with vel and exclamtion mark in red box


Very nice game. Try more customizations such as hair,breast size,butt ,height and skin color,cat ears,cat tail,horns... More clothes also lingerie style. It would be cool to do multiple positions and change between them dynamically,as if the sex didnt stop,and be able to cum whenever you want,to be able to imitate premature ejaculation


you have problems man


idk what to say about this but more Vel 


This seems like a pocket game im surprise it's not on mobile


Camed, jizzed even.


Absolutely obliterated my pc lmao


hwo do i download the game to my pc 


pra vc baixar clica em dowload dai vai aparece uma pagina pra doar um valor pra empresa do game logo acima desse valor ta escrito nao obrigado me leve apenas para o dowoad aperta ali e vc podera baixar a versao mais recente ok


agrhhh i cant get my mod to work

Deleted post
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Hello ! Game doesn't start :/ It start but after the unity loading screen it close itself

(All your games are masterclass)

deve ser uma incompatibilidade de programa e se vc tem outro antivirus alem do windows defender desativa ele e inicia o jogo blz

E como você faz isso

e so vc acessar o painel de controle e pesquisa segurança la ele vai mostrar antivirus que esta te protegendo e so desabilitar ele por ali e ve no que da

Você pode me dar detalhes porque quando eu acesso o painel de controle ele só tem segurança e manutenção, e em segurança não tem nada de antivírus

so desabilita a  proteçao em tempo real do w defender se vc usa ele como defesa do pc blz


Question will there be another game in this series's?


Android plz


Learn to read

Love your stuff (and tastes)!


please add apple silicon Mac support


When android?

my laptop says that "unity.dill"corruptions what s wrong man?!


how do i install? it doesnt give an option of what im installing. is blank. only install location is filled in

How can i play im on mac and when i download it it just gives me files


No mac version yet.


I played all of your games and I can say they are awsome..


Thy shall challnge thou android version?


This may only be because I am using the Itch.io launcher, but when I attempt to install it, it doesn't give me any install options.

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Same. I’m on Linux in case that matters.


When I click on the “Download Now” button on the game page from within the launcher and then click on “Download” for the Linux ZIP, I get the following error:

While queuing download: TypeError: Cannot read property 'build' of undefined
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