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It's been two weeks since the zombie apocalypse started. You found a little girl all on her own when you were scavenging for supplies. You have but one duty and sole purpose: You must protecc her! Maybe even from yourself.

This is a small shooter game focused on proteccting your loli.  Buy guns to protecc her from nasty zombies, buy her cute clothes, talk to her, do other things with her, and most importantly, protecc her.

__________ ____________________________________________________________ ___ 


WASD or Arrow Keys to move.

E or RMB to swap guns.

__________________________ ___________________________________ ____________


Design & Art by: Kamuo

Programmed by: HotPink

Voices by: ZeroDiamonds


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Protecc Your Loli - PC 64bit 1.0.2 152 MB
Protecc Your Loli - PC 1.0.2 149 MB
Protecc Your Loli - Mac 1.0.2 152 MB

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Oh boi this is hard. I've finished the game twice but I don't know how to get the special scene/ending. P.S. that FBI girl got me.


lol FBI is right...

Can we get a hint on the secret ending? I've tried a run where she takes no damage, non-movement run, a mixture of both, talking to her on every day. T_T I dun get it...


Fbi girl



I keep getting a white screen at the end.

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Final wave was tough even with the minigun. But the thrill I got was great, my heart was beating during that last round.

And ya really can't lewd the loli. Thats fine though, I've been wanting to play a game where I get to shoot stuff. It may as well be zombies, this was a nice April Fools game.


But you can lewd when she grows up ( -_・)

I guess you can if a sequel is made or something.

Now I'm left wondering  what that'll be like, prolly more tougher zombies thats for sure.


You can already do it here if you get the real ending.

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I'll attempt to get the real ending if I feel up for round two.

If you buy all three lewd items in the game, you will get what you want in the ending.

All three? I see, thank you for telling me that

pretty fun cute game, I love the otfits and ears so MUCH. Ending is definetly worth it because the animation is so good.  itd be so school if there were two more scenes that you have to unlock,  simply by beating the game again. or maybe just unlocking the unblured art to look at. idk it might be posted somewhere else like twitter though.


Call me the devil ψ(`∇´)ψ


So,I just have an Android phone ……

This is embarrassed,right ?


fun little game to spend a couple minutes on when you have nothing to do with a really satisfying ending to boot, that is, if you got your priorities correct ;)

Anyone have tips for beating this? I always either run out of ammo and the pistol isn't fast enough to kill everything fast enough 

Use shotgun for the first few levels and then switch to minigun when you can afford 4000+ ammo

I love the final END CG! I like a POV!END CG, W or S or A or D, I hope to be able to append or Fullscreen CG~

Wow this game is addictive. For everyone looking for 'the scene', which I didn't think existed until I tried something different on my last playthru, it exists. The thing I didn't realize is that you're supposed to talk to the imouto each day by clicking on her. Be a true Onii-chan, and it'll work out in the end. Just protecc, and you'll gain her respecc. 10/10 game.

But is talking to her really the way to unlock? ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾ


Is there only the one sex sense? Or is there more? 





Love the game especially how well it was made in just two weeks. The only thing that bothers me is the resizing. But besides that great game! Though I wish it would tell you how to get the secret ending ;-;(I already finished it 5 times now and no luck).

It's a secret for a reason ( -_・)

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Kamuo dont worry about the hate comments your arts is fine and good the game was great btw 

100/10 pls update it :)

Is there more than one lewd scene? I did 3 playthroughs and bought everything and did no damage, no moving run as well.

It's pretty fun little game, i like the concept. I would buy a fleshed out full game if you ever made one.

Just one. 

A full game would be so much  work and this already took 2 weeks.

I honestly would pay for a full game mainly because I love survival games. GREAT concept too!


Maybe someday. But I have other ideas I already plan to do.


There's no porn. 

If you were here to play the game because it seems like there is porn in it, there is none, so don't waste your time. False advertising to make you download the game, as is scumbag itch.io tradition.

Otherwise the game is simple. Walk around & cow zombies into neat rows so you can shoot them before they reach their target. This wouldn't be bad but the game does nothing to keep you from clicking out of the window (there's no full screen option; just 2 resizes) in this game where you will be waving your cursor around and clicking incessantly. There's nothing else to the gameplay.

When you win, there's one final suggestion of porn, but it just takes you to a blank white screen. Apparently there may be a secret "real" scene but I'll be honest, the art isn't good enough to even consider trying to get that.

2/10, at least it didn't hold my hard drive at ransom for bitcoin.


There is an actual porn. The white screen seems to happen for pcs that aren't good enough to run the video, or older version of windows. At the moment I don't think we can do anything about it. 

If you need an actual evidence then here's someone posting about it: https://twitter.com/epicghostdragon/status/1246223259932209152

There is a fullscreen option. It works for most people. Again, seems to be a problem with your pc.

This is an April fools game that was rushed. We never advertised it to have some cool perfect gameplay. If you couldn't tell just from the title itself. And yes, I will be putting April Fools in the game title soon.

Unfortunate that you didn't get to experience it like we wanted, but doesn't excuse you from trying to insult my art.
Also I'd be posting the real sex animation sometime soon, but you're not interested anyway since my art isn't good enough.


onii-san is gud art test  don't feel bad. i believe in you 

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how the flip do i unlock the secret scene everyone's talking about.

no cursing allowed.

edit: nvm found it


what do you do?


protecc the loli

I've done everything and can't find the other scenes, does anyone have a tip?

Do as she say... protect her, care for her, etc


Great game, as short as it is, would love to see this become a larger thing.

and to those looking for the "cutscene",  just make sure your loli is protecced to the max

Deleted 56 days ago

Still trying to find out this secret ending lol....


Can you please do another one for the phones?

Mobile builds aren't coming as it's not easy to do them.

Really fun for the short while but I got fully jebaited thinking there were more stuff of her other than the ending scene. What a shame :D


Can't lewd the loli, yet some of her costumes is, ahem, not child friendly.... not really proteccing the loli now huh?
Also, I just want to see the real scene............. but pistol only sounds way too hard. Either ways, cool game

pistol only isn't hard , spam click and move. But for me it didn't unlock anything , so i don't know how to unlock it

Pistol only isn't the way to do it.

This game has uunironically made me more pissed off than any other game , purely because it kicks you to the main menu after every death and resets the screen size , the gameplay is fun , i did a pistol only run to try to get the "real" ending , which at this point makes me wanna reach lifes real ending. 

7/10 stop resizing the screen Every game over

Yeah I would have wanted that to be fixed too but we were rushing to get it out for April Fools. Maybe it can be fixed if we update it.

As wise Japanese man #16839 said "rushed game bad 4ever , delayed game less bad"

Not like we're not aware of that. 


Cute and a bit addicting. Great team up! The audio design is horrendous and has to be muted immediately in terms of the repetitive shot sounds. Nice variety of enemies. It becomes a euphoric slaughter with the minigun by the end which was satisfying, but the game loses the bullet conversation aspect that is important at the early game.

Anyone who hasn't played yet remember to NEVER LEWD THE LOLIS!

Not unless you time skip to when they're all grown up (¬‿¬)


I love this April Fools game <3 thanks 


I like this it had me laughing at the scene part.


But did you get the real scene? ʕ•ૅૄ•ʔ



Honestly I'd love it if you turned this into more of a full game. More scenes, maybe some survival aspects like scavenging for supplies. Fun but short.


I could easily design this to a full game but that would take a lot of time to actually develop.

Did you protecc the loli till she grew up tho? ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)?

Of course, I'm also glad you made the best weapon the cheapest because really the shotgun is the only one you need. The good end scene was well animated as expected because of your VN.  Just makes me want more content in general, loli or otherwise.

When will it be available for Android?