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It's been two weeks since the zombie apocalypse started. You found a little girl all on her own when you were scavenging for supplies. You have but one duty and sole purpose: You must protecc her! Maybe even from yourself.

This is a small shooter game focused on proteccting your loli.  Buy guns to protecc her from nasty zombies, buy her cute clothes, talk to her, do other things with her, and most importantly, protecc her.

__________ ____________________________________________________________ ___ 


WASD or Arrow Keys to move.

E or RMB to swap guns.

__________________________ ___________________________________ ____________


Design & Art by: Kamuo

Programmed by: HotPink

Voices by: ZeroDiamonds

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(316 total ratings)
AuthorsKamuo, Hotpink
GenreShooter, Action
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Atmospheric, Erotic, Hentai, Horror, loli, NSFW, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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Protecc Your Loli - PC 64bit 1.0.2 152 MB
Protecc Your Loli - PC 1.0.2 149 MB
Protecc Your Loli - Mac 1.0.2 152 MB

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Beat the game only using the pistol. The key is the game can only spawn a certain amount of zombies at one time so just keep kiting a cluster in the middle. level 7 was the most sketchy expect to get hit a few times but she'll live 

i think the game is bugged

this what i get when i reach the end

is there anyway to fix it?


Judging by the fbi memes in game, you are an adult.

So after befriending/protecting the loli, you proceed to wait for her to grow up and then you fuck.

May be legal, but is still pretty weird.


it's called pre ordering



i got all of the all 3 and all i get is the fbi girl

yo is there any sex sense in this game and I'm not talking about Loli I'm already getting Vietnam flashbacks from my vrchat days.

Buy all the lewd scene and win. After that, you’ll see what you want


What? Is it too hard for you?

ya i already got her killed

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💀💀 just buy shotgun with a ton of ammo and click. It needs like, 3 shots to kill the giant, 1 shot the zombie close range, and it has spread :). You should get that after day 2, after that, buy ammo (500 or sth) and save up for those scenes. Buy the minigun if you can

Shotgun + 6,000 ammo = 100% fun

10/10 would annihilate zombies again.

oh so im the only one who thought itd be funny to buy all lewd scenes right off the bat?

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From a fellow Loli protector:

Day 1: use pistol

Day 2:  Pistol (shotgun or MP5 is optional)

Day 3: MP5 with shotgun

Day 4: same

Day 5: M16 with shotgun(take down tanks) or MP5 (save bullet)

Day 6: Minigun with 500-1000 bullets

Day 7 :Minigun with 1500-2000 bullets

Fun facts:

-If you lewd the "loli? " during new game+, it will reset back to day 1 despite your progress.

-From the start position, enemies come from 16 ways leading to the center.

-If you held down left mouse using minigun till the end in day 7, it will consume about 5000 bullets.

-And nothing happen after you bought all costumes.( maybe, i bought them all and did another run with full talk and comfort but nothing new happen)

Extra fun facts:

-You can spend day 7 using only pistol (I didn't have money because I spent it on loli)

To be fair, we are killing shit and protecting her.



sonic 2281 what the fuck is wrong with you pedophile


Cease watering down that word. You don't call TF2 players murderers because they kill each other, or anyone who enjoys horror movies a psychopath.

sonic2281 is someone a bit below this comment who wants loli characters made in an ai chatting website.. I don't see any regular people wanting that.


no volume setting made my ears bleeding ;-;

besides, the guns sound are good, minigun is somehow sound like a chainsaw to me though.


will anyone make a loli in characters ai???



What Bro?

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Like this game so far (I even opened all content in it, thanks ItzAura for the hint about the fake "lewd scenes" that can open the secret R18 scene). But... you store all persistent values in the Windows Registry? Seriously?

Hey, can you please tell me what do you mean by the storing of values in Windows Registry? I've been having some BSOD issues and I'm wondering if this game was the culprit by corrupting the registry.


Open Registry Editor (Win+R, regedit, Enter), then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HotPink + Kamuo\Protecc Your Loli. There you'll see all variables this game uses (except for "Screenmanager", "unity." and "Unity" ones, these variables are used by the game engine).

what do you do when you see all the variables?


I just laughed at it, made a screenshot of it and showed it to my colleague (and he laughed at it too). But variables used by this game have readable names, so you can change some of these, if you want.

how do i change those variables

what does that mean?


Just what I said. 🙃

Don't tell anyone, but we do this for all our games 😉


loli? wtf


Now I become the "fool" XD


Here some hints that make it obvious there are lewd things in this game: 

First off the the end thing has a question mark at the end. Huge sus factor

Then theres the credits "Voices" an 18+ game with voices has to be sus right? 

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Heres a tip to save money and easily afford all cgs in this game.

1. Do not buy any other guns but the shotgun. It is all you need.

2. Be sure to stay above 500 bullets for the first 3 days, and add 100 every day.

3. When you can afford 1 cg, buy it but make sure u have enough money left over for bullets.

4. Kill as many zombies as possible on day 6 then buy two cgs with that money. You should have plenty to spare for bullets for the 7th day.

Once you buy the cgs you get a lewd scene and the game restarts. You will still have your money so buy the minigun now and just go wild. (Use your pistol on day 1 to preserve bullets)

Edit:Spelling errors


and just for curiosity dont buy the lewd it a waste of the money




No, If you buy all of them and you finish day 7, you will lewd an adult version of Loli and the FBI won’t stop you😏

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It's actually the best thing you could buy, not just because of the lewds but you get to keep your progress whenever it resets.

i want a update the game is so good

Gotta protect loli-chan!


I know it's more of a joke game but its actually pretty fun. It's nice and simple, gameplay is fun and satisfying, and the aspect that you have a companion makes it much more enjoyable, I can imagine another game like this would be fun, maybe getting to choose your companion, more levels, maybe some more character interactions, maybe even some building relationships and romancing characters ( If they're not kids though obviously )

I'd love to see you make a more updated game like this one, it's great.


algún día saldrá una versión de android?

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Когда-нибудь выйдет версия на андроид ?

Deleted 71 days ago

pretty obvious



bro is actually a P*do

Deleted 71 days ago

can it be played on ubuntu (linux)?


i ran the game using wine on arch linux and it worked pretty well, should also work on other distro


Android would be nice


Yep, if only it was "that" easy


Can it be played in Joiplay?


I think this is not a ren py game


does this game have some type of cheat code


there is no cheat code but you can use cheat engine to get extra money/bullets, removes some of the fun for me but tis worth a try(if you want to)

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If only there was an android version

It was a fun game with nice scenes.


its april fools but its so fun for no reason



Please make a version for Android


Good work but OMG please add some shield item for the Loli because my last day (the one who end with a "game over") made me cry blood (and tears of course because of the death of my precious loli)


Unbelievable that the game is made by Hot Pink those guys who really make sex game.But this work is still a good work!

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Love this work,If you like shooter game and would like to play a joke about sex such like the"FBI OPEN THE DOOR".I suggest that yo should play this.

By the way,I have not found the contains about the "Erotic" "Adult" or "Hentai" SO FAR(I've cleared one time in the same game file data,and I CONTINUE to play and get the coin to unlock THAT screen,but it's still that "Do you really think......?" I will continue trying to see whether did I ignore something hiden).But it's still a good work in 2D shooter game.I like the feeling of shooting a full screen of zombie,that's so cool!👍👍👍

Is there really no anything sexual?I wonder that.


its an april fool game


OwO,I've just seen that XD

So I don't neet to test OuO

maybe an update or something, but i've found the reason for the adult tags to be here..

goosh...I used to think that this will be a cure....











(1 edit) (+4)

(hey,just don't hurt them,u know)


Now just for info, this game DOES NOT has any kind of sexual content?
i wanna prank a friend with this until he threats to call 911


Maker submitted this work at april fool's day XD


is there any lewd content or just a troll game


april fool game


6000 for FBI open door 🥲


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