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One day, a mysterious and ominous door appeared in your house. You decided to enter it only to find what invaded your home is a cute girl playing with a handheld console, claiming she's a Grim Reaper.

This is a short r18+ kinetic visual novel about my oc, Vel that I'm making to give her more life, and for people to know and feel more connected to her. Whether that's emotionally or sexually is up to you (*ゝω・)
The game has hand-drawn animations and voices for the nsfw animations.


The full censored game is publicly free, as I want as much people to know more about Vel.

Uncensored version and more available on my patreon and gumroad.



Story & Art by: Kamuo

Music from: Peritune 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Erotic, NSFW
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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VelCensored-pc.zip 279 MB
VelCensored Android 266 MB
VelCensored-mac.zip 262 MB
VelSwimsuitCensored-pc.zip 267 MB
VelSwimsuitCensored-mac.zip 250 MB
VelSwimsuitCensored Android 270 MB
Vel-pc.zip 291 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more
Vel-mac.zip 273 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more
vel.program-100000002-arm64-v8a-release.apk 277 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more
vel.program-2-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 277 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more
vel.program-2-universal-release.apk 293 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more
VelSwimsuit-pc.zip 278 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
VelSwimsuit-mac.zip 261 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
velswim.program-100000002-arm64-v8a-release.apk 264 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
velswim.program-2-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 265 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
velswim.program-2-universal-release.apk 280 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more

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im gonna download it just because im curious to see if I can dodge as many H-Scenes as possible

Dude awesome game, for those who's checking out the comments first before downloading to check if it's good, oh it good alright the H-scene are nicely animated and that just a side dish you might think that this game is just you fucking a reaper your wrong the main thing that makes this game so great is the storytelling it's just *Chef's Kiss* phenomenal, you won't regret playing this game.

It wont installed. I still have 12GB Memory Available

Why cant I install this game on my phone?

My phone is samsung galaxy a10 and I have enough memory. I still have 5gb memory available


I love the story more than the porn

Dude same, the story was awesome best game I've ever played

(1 edit)

Neu  reminded me of neopolitan from RWBY

I really liked this game soooooooo much!! Please have a season 2 of these game!! I realy enjoyed!!! With lots of sad, happy and enjoyement!!!

and i like vel a lot!!!!!!!!! Honestly!!!

To be honest I was going to comment about how much I loved this game but I will just say: Daily limit is 7, the only game I actually ever enjoyed, keep on for the updates to the story

this is by far the best vn i've come across. thank you for the experience mr dev!

(1 edit) (+1)

I couldn't help but feel bad for Neu the whole second half lol

If only this MC had some scenes with her.

this game is absolutely wholesome and amazing, i'm down to support a dev like you <3


This is pne real nice thing, I like it, the lady is like, extremely cute and you know what the 1 thing I thought was missing? A kissing scene would be really nice! But still! Very nice, I give it 10 snuggles out of a 3 stock beatdown


can't install from client, build is undefined.



Came for the lewdness, stayed for the wholesome, a solid 10/10

Finished it! Though it kinda makes me sad but I'm still happy. Fans of this game will really wait for the next updates including me!

I really like how the protagonist is so loyal and neu really makes me chuckle.

Great game! It could really be a candidate for number 8 or 9

(Like it matters xD)

time to replay this masterpiece 


Let's GOOOOOO!!!!!


This game is extremely impressive and I wish there was more to play but I see why kamuo left it like that.

I really hope this game gets more attention from others because of how good the story and animations are.

I hope Kamuo make another story for Vel. I like the part 2  but I would also like if there is another separate story for Vel like this one. Maybe Vel will show up in the part 2? I don't really get the story that much I think the MC is not the same as this one.

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i think this is the best one out there not gonna lie

all of Kamuo works

and is this the part 1 of the game?

i think part 2 is this one : https://kamuo.itch.io/veltitfuck


We all could agree that Vel is really cute 🤝

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I used to think visual novels were garbage but after completing this I realise their true potential. A great story, a likeable cast of characters(including the one you play as), and all the sex scenes are great! I really wish I had the spare money to buy the uncensored version and Kamuo's other works on patreon but I can't. Even then, if anyone sees this comment, I highly reccommend you to play this game. Kamuo, you have my deepest respect.

Hide button please XDDDD


this is a master piece <3


Не хотите ли вы, перенести игру на Steam платформу?


I really like the story i so obsessed with the characters *remind i mean i little obsession*


how do i play on browser

you can't

oh ok


Actually, I need a way to express my feelings. How do I get in touch with you? Because what I'm trying to say may be long. This is really important to me. 

What a wonderful work of art, I'll be regret if we can't communicate something. I really want to express my compliments and some personal feelings and maybe these can count as suggestions. I will wait.

You can try to find him on Twitter maybe


bro got emotional while trying to bust a nut a hell na

Is there an uncensored version??




Love your work so far, but the Itch.io app (Windows) can't seem to install any of your games.

amazing. I was wondering what do yous to make your animations ? is it like just digital painting animated with something like procreate or what exactly ? im really interested haha

Thank you very much for making this visual novel, I like the style of art and characters in it, because I want to recommend it to my friends, so I am trying to translate it into Chinese, I hope you can agree

Sure I don't mind.


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Just finished playimg the game and loved it. It was short, but satisfying, though I did still want more but honestly, as is, already plenty. Amazing piece this was. I totally adore Vel and Neu (?) (I also have a really bad memory, sorry). Even putting the lewd asides, Vel and Neu are just so precious and adorable. With lewd, well, needless to say, really hot but at the same time pretty much precious and adorable still. 

Thank you for this amazing wonderdul piece. This was such a lovely VN, albeit short gameplay wise, substance wise sudh as story amd characters, totally plenty if not overflowing. 

Looking forward to trying out your other and future works if I can if ever. Though for now, just gonna cherish this game some more, maybe play it again from time to time until who knows when.

Again, thank you and tbh, even without the lewd, I think this is just an amazing piece of work that can go long ways. At least I definetly wouldn't mind even if you removed the lewd if not in favor of it. Though of course, either way, respect and love for this masterpiece.

Freaking love it

Love it, shared it to some friends.


Wholesome,recommend it




Totally recommended,good animations,good story,not boring at all,even without the lewd scenes I'd play it

Vei: You're weird, Human. 

player: No, i'm not. This is completely normal.

You can see this dialogue throughout the game and I really like this dialogue.

This may be a silly question but... is it possible to hide the text box on android? And how?


the porn felt a bit unnecessary, but other than that its a great little visual novel!


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