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One day, a mysterious and ominous door appeared in your house. You decided to enter it only to find what invaded your home is a cute girl playing with a handheld console, claiming she's a Grim Reaper.

This is a short r18+ kinetic visual novel about my oc, Vel that I'm making to give her more life, and for people to know and feel more connected to her. Whether that's emotionally or sexually is up to you (*ゝω・)
The game has hand-drawn animations and voices for the nsfw animations.


The full censored game is publicly free, as I want as much people to know more about Vel.

Uncensored version and more available on my patreon and gumroad.



Story & Art by: Kamuo

Music from: Peritune 

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(967 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Erotic, NSFW
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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VelCensored-pc.zip 279 MB
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VelSwimsuitCensored-pc.zip 267 MB
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VelSwimsuitCensored Android 270 MB
Vel-pc.zip 291 MB
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vel.program-100000002-arm64-v8a-release.apk 277 MB
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vel.program-2-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 277 MB
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vel.program-2-universal-release.apk 293 MB
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VelSwimsuit-pc.zip 278 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
VelSwimsuit-mac.zip 261 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
velswim.program-100000002-arm64-v8a-release.apk 264 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
velswim.program-2-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 265 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
velswim.program-2-universal-release.apk 280 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more

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This is one of my top 5 favorite games


good ass game, neu best girl tho im sad we didnt get to bang her

can you guys/girls imagen that a reaper ( a being of death ) creating life...


I can't watch and play this game. I feel ashamed that I will jerk off to this sincerely loving people, but at the same time it hurts me, because I will never have such love



this is when you should know that you're jerking off too much


when i try and download it nothing pops up in the install box, and when i press install it always says "cannot read property build or define". does anyone know how to fix this?


The developer reaped my heart.


ok finall update on this game, I just finished it, it was really good. im kinda dissapointed that the whole time they were together they didn't kiss once, I was kinda hoping to see a kiss scene or something passionate other than sex but it was still a really good game, I do have a question, in the other game that ive played "I thought grim reapers are scary" do you think you play as the same guy because ik he loses his memory, but Neu would still remember him if this was the case, and so would Vel I think. and he does meet Sui, the maid girl I forgot her name, and the twins, but I dont think they mentioned anything about Vel, unless they did and Ion remember ill have to play that game again.


this comment was before I played this game, so ive played what I think is the sequel to this game it it was called "I thought grim reapers were supposed to be scary" and it was really good the animations were really adorable and cute. so now imma lay this one ill let you know what I think about it


ok update on this game, the animations are really cute, and this is the prequel to "I thought grim reapers are scary" because as soon as Nue introduces in this game I reconized her immediately, I think this game takes place before you turn in the reaper or doll, or wtv. when nue was first explaining about "Suisui" I knew exactly who she was talking about also, she was the young little girl with glasses who is in charge of all the reapers.

anyways the time this comment is posted im currently on week 2 when Nue comes to visit me to make sure she "didn't forget me" im not done with the game yet, but so far so good, I like how clueless Vel is..

you know honestly now that I think bout it im kinda glad I played the second game first before this game because it gives me a heads up on what happens to me. 

ok imma keep playing and ill update afterwards

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“Bro wrote a whole essay” Okay but look at you doing the exact same thing… hypocritical much?



Beautiful and cute story, but it wasn't fit for my current mood. IMO, there wasn't enough tease. ;P It's def great tho. I give this game an E Grade (S-F grading system; S being the best and F the worst). I give this game a C Grade for overall development of the game. :)


It's been 3 years now. Still remained pristine to the day I met her.


Can you buy this here and get it uncensored? I might missunderstood the description

We need a second one, great game 



"aren't grim reapers supposed to be scary" is the second game I think its a demo tho

Ohh, thanks man

yeah of course dude, enjoy yourself!

Ohh, thanks man


yeah of course dude, enjoy yourself

having problems playing the game, anyone got instructions? i downloaded the pc version and i use a Windows 10 pro (old i know)


aww same :(

bro I used to play Crab Game on a Windows 8 TOSHIBA…..trust me……I KNOW


really want to try this, but not paying 17$ for it. ugh


Dawg its free.


free doesn't show any nudity, it's "censored"


its free on f95 lol cant believe you guys don't know about that site


oh ma fault man.


YO really


Don't support devs. Got it.

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you pay for games? 

i cant download it can you send it to me?


F95zone but only download MEGA links since its harder to be infected with those 



I don’t need to see the nudity, the only main censorship there was was his dick


its 5$ when ya support a month on patreon... grow up and support indi devs if ya want the full experience

I cant install the game in windows 10

Would love to get this game to IOS!

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Really good game :)

(1 edit) (+1)

if this game ever gets updated again it would be nice if the sound of vel playing games wasnt tied to the music



recently found this after looking at r34 of it now im gona play it (will edit it soon)

found this game after first seeing porn of it, finding the name of the porn and then realizing it was a game then searching it up, very good stuff on rule 34 and very good stuff here


quite a rabbit hole but worth it

wanna know how I got here…one day I was playing Mortal Kombat 9 on my PsVita-

Deleted post

have you played "aren't grim reapers supposed to be scary"? I think its a demo tho its pretty short and its just one sex scene with Nue but its still a cute game

honestly, this game was really good! I loved the characters, and everything else in this game 10\10!!!



Is there a way to download the game on a mobile iPhone?.

I can't enter my name




Why the hell is this a multi-game series...? I'm all for it, it's just a first.


I love this game. Wholesome and amazing hentai/art! 10/10!




why cant i download any of these games (im on windows 11)

are you downloading from the app or the website?


As a skeleton of culture I approve of this


very good game made me cum with just the fucking trailer i dont know how that happens but it happened to ur boy lets fucking get it 🤘🤘🤘🤘

to the trailer is wild


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I have a small question to ask about the music in the game.

What is the song that is played right after the character blacks out and then wakes up on the bed with Vel? Or even better, is there a way I can find out the entire soundtrack of the game? Like a sort of playlist-type thing.

idk buh would you weather wake up on the bed with Vel or wake up with your head laying on Nue’s thighs

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(This review contains spoilers, I guess I'm sorry if it’s so harsh) 

Your OC Vel isn’t all that, sorry…but not actually sorry (lol).

You know it’s bad when a side character is more interesting than the main character..and I’m referring to Neu, Neu actually has a personality, is more interesting, AND actually not bland looking!!! 

All Vel does is say things like "is it?" "Is that so?" It’s annoying, and it’s even more annoying that whenever she says things like that, Neu and the Y/N (or MC you play as) think it’s cute? How is stupidity cute? It makes you look like you’re uneducated, also she barley has any personality, like Neu said, all she does is play video games all day, she also says "I don’t know"…to EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. THING. ITS NOT FUNNY..ITS IRRITATING!!!

And now you have the MC, the character we apparently play as (sadly). First of all, are we supposed to be mental or something? Some "cute" girl (she’s actually super plain looking) shows up into our house, and his first thought is to take advantage of her and have intercourse with her?..I’m sorry but what? Do you not know how to build up an actual…REASONABLE…Story? (It’s okay, just admit you obviously can’t) AND GET THIS..GET THIS!! He says to Neu that he would have also tried to have intercourse if she also appeared into his house??..so this hornball will just fuck any girl that randomly appears into his house technically (So maybe we are mental..).

Anyways, to make this better, just make a story on Neu, or at least add an option for us to be with Neu..and let us chose our gender as well.


This might be one of the shittiest takes I've seen on here.


tbh i agree with only one thing about this that you said, that the game needs more transparency. but. it is a erotic visual novel, most of these on itch.io go straight into the nsfw parts and barely show any actual things to the story. but if you ask the owner if they can create a different version of the game that has no nsfw and has a different timeline to it, where rather than the character going straight to sex its a bit different and has more transparency. if you need to know how to ask the owner something, just wait until they post a comment, right after that reply to it with the request, most likely they will answer you.

bro wrote a whole ass English class essay that he could’ve turned in for an A- just talking shit about a game that he downloaded from itchio expecting it was gonna be the next Game Of The Year awards just because he couldn’t beat his dick to Neu instead. Yk there’s a sequel to this game where you can fuck Neu yk 🙏🏽🙏🏽😭

That sequel wasn’t even out yet (and even if it was, how tf would I know? You’re acting as if I’m on here 24/7) please be so fr…because this isn’t  even a long read compared to actual proper reviews, but of course a brain rot like you would think it is, you even had the nerve to assume my gender…yikes.

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